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Beirut Car Rental

The Beirut Car Rental Guide

is a one stop car hire specialist for Beirut. We display the rates from most leading Beirut car rental agencies and let you choose your car and book in real-time. Decide yourself who to book with after comparing the rates and fleet options of the local car rentals.

The Beirut Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in Beirut to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in Beirut.This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in Beirut.

In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in Beirut while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

Beirut is Lebanon's capital and largest city. There has been no recent population census, but 2007 figures ranged from just over 1 million to 2.2 million as part of Greater Beirut, making it the third-largest city

Beirut was once known as 'Paris of the Middle East,' after World War II, the capital of Lebanon became a tourist destination and financial hub, known as 'Paris of the Middle East' because of its French presence and vibrant cultural and intellectual life.

The town sits on top of two hills, al-Ashrafiyah (East Beirut) and al-Muajay al-Beirut (West Beirut), as a roughly triangular peninsula protruding into the sea. In the immediate hinterland, there is a small coastal plain (Al-Sā ground) stretching from the Nahr al-Kalb (Dog River) mouth in the north to the Nahr al-Dāmūr (Damur River) mouth in the south.

A few excellent museums are the main sights, but discovering the character of the different neighborhoods, strolling along the waterfront and diving into the wonderful restaurant and nightlife scene of the city are big attractions.

On average Lebanese meals, fruit, vegetables, rice, and bread outweigh the amount of meat consumed. The most consumed meats, poultry and lamb, however, make up some of the most common dishes in the region. The national dish, kibbeh, is made from a ground lamb and cracked paste of wheat

Beiruti cuisine is not only influenced by external influences: ancient local recipes were passed down throughout Lebanon from generation to generation, and community to community. Until eventually arriving in the capital, Dishes moved through villages and towns, carried in with economic migrants or the internally displaced.

Hamra is known as Beirut's first party district, and Ferdinand Bar does everything in its power to keep the area as vibrant as Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael. It takes its duties seriously without being pretentious, under the slogan "Be in love with a life-every minute of it." A combination of 80s and 90s music hums softly in the background as drinkers enjoy the white noise of Ferdinand's notorio

Clubbing in Beirut is a year-round problem, but in the summer, when most of the city's clubbing establishments move to the BIEL Waterfront (also known as the New Corniche), nights really get thumping. There is nothing that stops you from enjoying the Beirut gem. The beautiful public beach is open to everyone. Look through the bright blue waters while walking along the shore.

Some of Beirut's big car rental companies offer one-way leases. One-way rental is when the car is rented in one location and the car is returned in another. In most cases, if you wish to return the vehicle to a different location, the car rental agent may charge an additional fee. It will specify in the terms and conditions whether the one-way fee is included in the rental price.

Car Rental guide deals with a lot of big and small rental companies, each rental car company has its own terms and conditions. We suggest that you always read and review the specific terms carefully before booking a car rental. Our call center is available by phone or chats for 7 days if you have any questions about the terms, we would be happy to assist you.

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Other car rental locations in Beirut with daily rates

  • Beirut 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Airport 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Army Street 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Hotel Gefinor Rotana 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Hotel Martinez 40779 LBP
  • Beirut Hotel Phoenicia 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Hotel Safir 36368 LBP
  • Beirut INTL Airport CHAUFFEUR 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Jdeideh 40779 LBP
  • Beirut Kantari 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Le Gray Hotel 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Ras Beirut 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Rouche Arjaan 227557.00 LBP
  • Beirut Sin El Fil 32508 LBP
  • Beirut Sioufi Garden 227557.00 LBP
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every thing was good except the body status of the car which was full of scratches and previous accidents

Mr Walid Badawy -